Yellow trefoil

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Each bag of certified seeds is marked with a personal label. Packed in 25 kg bags.


  • The name of the plant: Yellow trefoil
  • Latin name: Medicago lupulina
  • Variety name: VIRGO / PAJBJERG
  • Sowing rate:  kg/ha
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Yellow trefoil – is an annual or multi-year plant. Good for growing in fodder crops. Very useful in drier pastures as it tolerates trampling and grazing.

Use: fodder, medicinal herb. Accumulates atmospheric nitrogen.

Cultivation features: can grow in lighter, carbonated soil, even in gravelly hilly fields, unlike common alfalfa. When sowing in fields where legumes did not grow, it is recommended to cover the seeds with nodule bacteria. By the way, it is very important for nodular bacteria to have sufficient soil moisture and aeration (i.e. that the soil is not compacted).