Yellow sweet clover

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  • The name of the plant: Yellow sweet clover
  • Latin name: Melilotus officinalis
  • Variety name: X
  • Sowing rate: 12-15 kg/ha
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Yellow sweet clover – plants grow tall, can be grown as a mono-crop or sown in summer or buckwheat. As an inland, under favorable conditions, autumn can begin to overshadow summer.
When sowing green manure, it is advisable to flatten or otherwise crush the stems and mass, and then aparti (as mentioned – green mass forms a lot, the stems are hard and strong).
Yellow sweet clover seeds are very hard, using their own seeds, in order to achieve better and more uniform germination, it is advisable to “grind” them by passing them through a special scarifier or clover grater.

Use: a great plant to grow for green manure. Grows a lot of mass, accumulates nitrogen in it and in the roots.
Can be used for feed. Spicy, honeydew, medicinal plant (especially for coumarin), more valued than the white-flowered barkoon. Accumulates atmospheric nitrogen.

Cultivation features: grows best in sandy, loamy and clay soils. Does not tolerate light and acidic soils. A sufficient amount of moisture is important for yellow sweet clover both during germination and during growth in the first year. The root of the plant is vest, strong. It is not advisable to sow in autumn, because if it germinates, it may freeze during the winter. When sowing in the field, where the bark beetles have not grown, it is recommended to cover the seeds with preparations of nodule bacteria (nitragin).