Yellow oatgrass

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  • The name of the plant: Yellow oatgrass
  • Latin name: Trisetum flavescens
  • Variety name: TRISETT 51
  • Sowing rate:  kg/ha
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Yellow oatgrass – do not like to be trampled, so they are more suitable for mowed areas. It regenerates well after mowing, and in fertile soils it can grow up to 80 cm in height. Due to its lower yield, it is currently not very popular in grasslands, but it is encouraged to grow it because of its good fodder quality – its hay is willingly eaten by livestock. There is information that its undried grass can be poisonous to animals. But some grasses, which are poisonous green, when dry are perfectly fine fodder for livestock, so they can be used to make hay.

Use: fodder grass for mowing meadows. It is not recommended to feed animals with the green mass of this grass. I prefer to prepare fodder from dried grass and in mixtures with other grasses.

Cultivation features: grows well in calcareous (alkaline) or neutrally acidic fertilized soils. Resistant to drought, but does not tolerate long-term drying.