Western Cherry


Price is in €/seed, excluding VAT. Price depends on quantity. 
Packing: 250; 500 seeds. Minimum quantity one package.
Blue label. Each package of certified hemp seeds is marked with a personal label, which is also as a certificate (CE or ISTA).


  • Type: feminized
  • Feminisation rate: ~99 %
  • Germination rate:  97 %
  • Vegetation cycle: 135 days, flowering 45 – 65 days
  • Height:
  • CBD: 8-12 %
  • THC: <0,2 %
  • Terpene profile: red fruits, cotton candy
  • Sowing density: 3500 – 7000 plants / ha
  • Harwest period: end of September and the beginning of October
  • Yield in flowers (dry): 100 kg to 300 kg / ha
  • Yield in biomass (dry biomass): 1 t to 2 t / ha


Western Cherry is a new variety in the Eu certified seed catalog and 100% legal in all countries of the European Union. Western Cherry is an easy-to-grow variety, with a bushy shape, adapting to all types of soil and producing dense flowers.The combination of terpenes from plants Western Cherry develops a unique fragrance, tinged with notes of raspberry, blackcurrant and cotton candy. The ideal harvest time is between the end of September and the beginning of October. This variety is particularly resistant to pests and fungi.