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Each bag of certified seeds is marked with a personal label. Packed in 25 kg bags.


  • The name of the plant: Serradella
  • Latin name: Ornithopus sativus
  • Variety name: X
  • Sowing rate: 40-50 kg/ha as the pure fooder crop
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Serradella – the herb is collected for medicine and the seeds are used and the oil is pressed from them. The seeds smell strongly of dried boletus, so they are also used as a spice. Both germinated seeds and young leaves (used in salads) are used for food.

Use: used for green fodder, hay, grazing, green fertilizer. A nectar source for bees, blooms for a long time, even in autumn, so it is suitable for bee pastures. Accumulates atmospheric nitrogen.

Cultivation features: although it is not very demanding on the soil, it is poor in dry sands and gravels. Tolerates more acidic soils. It does well in light soils if there is enough moisture.