Hemp seedless buds


Price is in €/kg, excluding VAT. Price depends on quantity. 
Minimum quantity 1 kg
COA available


  • Content:  CBD + rich in other cannabinoids terpenes, THC bellow o.2 %
  • Short name: CBD
  • Full name:  seedless buds
  • Type: buds
  • Appearance: full buds
  • Colour: green, dark green
  • Packing: vacuum bag


Seedless hemp flowers-buds, were not pollinated during cultivation and do not contain seeds. Hemp are grown without seeds, so buying seedless buds shortens the production process and ensures a better quality end product. Our seedless buds are grown in Italy – where the product are also shipped from, directly to our clients.

We offer these varieties of hemp seedless buds:

  • Harlequeen
  • Gorilla Mandarine
  • Candy Pie
  • Cannatonic
  • Sorbetto
  • Lemontonic
  • Lemoncello
  • Pink lady
  • White bubba
  • San fernado
  • Strawberry