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  • The name of the plant: Mallow
  • Latin name: Malva sylvestris
  • Variety name: SYLVA
  • Sowing rate:  kg/ha
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Mallow – is a biennial or perennial herb growing up to 1 m in height, blooming with pink, reddish-purple flowers with bright, darker veins. Some wild forms of mallow are protected.

Use: medicinal herb. Young leaves can be used for food (like spinach). Flowers and leaves are used medicinally. Flower tea is used for coughs and baths (but it should not be confused with the similar Hibiscus, only with larger flowers).

Cultivation features: not very demanding on the soil (it also grows as a wild plant, self-seeds), but it is fertile when growing in good garden soil, the subsoil of which is not too moist.
Likes a sunny place, but also tolerates partial shade.
It is sown by seeds, it is possible to plant seedlings, it is also propagated by cuttings.