Garden cress

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Each bag of certified seeds is marked with a personal label. Packed in 25 kg bags.


  • The name of the plant: Garden cress
  • Latin name: Lepidium sativum
  • Variety name: X
  • Sowing rate:  kg/ha
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Garden cress – used for food, contains a lot of vitamins C and A (carotene) and minerals. The plant also contains mustard oil, which gives it a pungent taste.
Young plants, 7-10 cm high, are most suitable for food. Under favorable conditions, these grow within 10 days after germination. The leaves of the flowering plant are no longer edible, but the ripe seeds can be used as a spice.

Use: vegetable (early), source of vitamin C in spring and throughout the year, grown in a greenhouse or on a windowsill.

Cultivation features: the soil should be loose, not compacted, well fertilized and sufficiently moist. It is mostly grown in heated greenhouses, where it is harvested all year round. Suitable for hydroponic cultivation. Suitable for growing as microgreens.