Fodder radish


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  • The name of the plant: Fodder radish
  • Latin name: Raphanus sativus var. oleiformis
  • Sowing rate: 25-30 kg/ha
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Fodder radish – are tall plants with whitish flowers, with rather strong vested roots that are slightly thickened near the soil surface, which loosen the soil well as they grow. After radishes bloom, the ratio of nitrogen and carbon in their biomass is the most favorable for the formation of humus, so it is recommended to insert them into the soil during flowering.

Use: can be grown for seeds (oil) and green mass for fodder, but mostly grown as sidereal plants for green fertilizer.

Cultivation features: radishes are undemanding to the soil, they grow well in loamy, loamy soil, even in weakly acidic sands. When growing seeds or fodder, more fertile fields should be selected. Sown as in summer, at the beginning of May. It is not afraid of frost, so it can be sown early and already in the second half of July it can be used for green fodder or as green manure, in time to sow winter crops after them. When grown as a catch crop or as a cover crop, radish is sown after the main plant has been removed. Its mass can be inserted in autumn (before flowering) and left until spring to protect the soil from erosion and leaching of nutrients.