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  • The name of the plant: Festulolium
  • Latin name: Festuca spec. x Lolium spec.
  • Sowing rate: 15-18 kg/ha
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Festulolium – even the name suggests that it is a combination of two herbaceous plants – fescue and lolium. You inherit yield from ryegrass, and resistance to adverse factors from fescue. In the 1960s, when crossing and selection of these plants began, the plant was called an intergeneric hybrid – “lolium”. In crossbreedings, perennial and many-flowered ryegrass and true and reed fescues are most often used.

Use: fodder, pastures, slope reinforcements. Festulolium can be sown with cover crops, it is important that the cover does not lie down. The first cut for feed is recommended while swimming. Up to four mowings per growing season are possible, as the grass re-emerges well.

Cultivation features: non-acidic loams with sufficient moisture are suitable for fescue. It tolerates lighter soils, but it is important that there is enough moisture and nutrients. When growing in a monocrop, it is necessary to destroy weeds in time.