Felina 32


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Minimum quantity one bag – 25 kg
Each bag of certified hemp seeds is marked with a personal label, which is also as a certificate (CE or ISTA)


  • Type: monoicous
  • Vegetation cycle: 130-140 days
  • Height: 2.5-3.5m
  • CBD: 2-3.5 %
  • THC: <0.12 %
  • Yield in inflorescences*: 300-800 ha/kg
  • Yield in seeds: 500-800 ha/kg
  • Biomass yield: 8-10 T/ha
  • Fiber content: 34 %
  • Seed size: medium-big
  • Oil content **: 20-23 %


Originated in France, Felina 32 strain has adapted to Atlantic climate and is cultivated in various parts of Europe. It’s widely grown due to its high amounts of CBD and plentifulness of seeds, which is particularly beneficial for hemp oil and biomass production. The variety’s stems and trunks are full of fiber, which makes Felina 32 a strain where almost every part of the plant can be used for production.

Felina 32 hemp strain is easy to grow, preferably in a humid environment. It flourishes up to 3.5m tall and is a sturdy plant. Its full potential is only revealed when following this variety-specific standards – but when the standards are met, this strain is perfect for industrial use because of its rich harvest and diversified purposes.

Additional information

Weight 27 kg
Dimensions 63 × 33 × 33 cm

Multi-layer paper bag