Fedora 17


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Minimum quantity one bag – 25 kg
Each bag of certified hemp seeds is marked with a personal label, which is also as a certificate (CE or ISTA)


  • Type: monoicous
  • Vegetation cycle: 120-130 days
  • Height: 2-2.5m
  • CBD: 1.5-3 %
  • THC: <0.1 %
  • Yield in inflorescences*: 300-800 ha/kg
  • Yield in seeds: 600-1000 ha/kg
  • Biomass yield: 7-9 T/ha
  • Fiber content: 33 %
  • Seed size: medium-big
  • Oil content **: 22-24 %


This French/Swiss genetic variety is widely grown in Southern Europe and is suitable for cultivation at any latitude. As all other French-bred varieties, this strain characterizes with low THC (below 0,2%) and high CBD (up to 2.5%) levels.

Fedora 17 is widely grown for its rich seed harvest and hemp flowers production. The remaining organic materials, or biomass, can then be used to obtain hemp and hurd. It is also rich in essential oils and stands out with its distinctive smell which makes it the perfect base for producing fragrances and perfumes.

Depending on climate conditions, Fedora 17 strain can grow up to 2.5m tall and produce up to 26% of oil from the first seed press.

Additional information

Weight 27 kg
Dimensions 63 × 33 × 33 cm