False flax

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Each bag of certified seeds is marked with a personal label. Packed in 25 kg bags.


  • The name of the plant: False flax
  • Latin name: Camelina sativa
  • Variety name: CAMELINA
  • Sowing rate: 5-12 kg/ha
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False flax – are cruciferous plants such as cabbage, mustard or rapeseed. They can be winter and summer. Can be sown together with peas, they support the pea crop (sturdy stalk) and after harvesting, the seeds of the crop are easy to separate and clean.

Use: to press oil – seeds. The seeds were used for food in ancient times (mixed into bread leaven, boiled in porridge).

Cultivation features: undemanding to soils and agrotechnics, but grows worse in heavy soils. The agrotechnics of false flax is almost the same as that of summer rapeseed or mustard. The seeds are small, so it is important to prepare a “seed bed” that is not too deep.