Faba bean (summer type)

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  • The name of the plant: Faba bean (summer type)
  • Latin name: Vicia faba
  • Variety name: FANFARE / BOBAS
  • Sowing rate: 240-300 kg/ha (45-60 plants / m²)
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Faba bean (summer type) – are annual legumes suitable for greening and producing proteinaceous seeds for animal feed. By accumulating significant amounts of nitrogen in the soil, beans are a good pre-crop for cereals. However, due to their late harvest, there is a risk of not being able to sow winter crops in the optimal terms, unless we sow the beans early (because -3-7°C frosts are not dangerous for beans). Delaying the sowing of beans is not recommended, as they are very sensitive to heat during the flowering stage.

Use: the seeds are used for animal feed. Accumulates atmospheric nitrogen.

Cultivation features: beans grow well in well-structured, weed-free clay, loam and sandy soils. Not suitable for collapsed soil, springs, too dry, infertile, acidic soils, hilly fields. Groundwater cannot be deeper than 1 m.
Soil moisture is important for seed germination. The sowing depth is up to 6-8 cm, so when loosening the soil before sowing, it is important not to overturn wet clods. It is not recommended to grow beans after rye or oats, because then diseases and the same stem nematodes spread. Covering the seeds with effective nodule bacteria provides energy for seed germination, which then promotes plant growth. By the way, it is very important for nodular bacteria to have sufficient soil moisture and aeration (i.e. that the soil is not compacted).