Chicory (Succory)

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  • The name of the plant: Chicory (Succory)
  • Latin name: Cichorium intybus
  • Variety name: X
  • Sowing rate:  kg/ha
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Chicory (Succory) – is a biennial or perennial plant that can be used for livestock feed, but the bitter taste of the grass makes it inadvisable to feed dairy cattle unless it is included in the diet in small amounts and fed no later than 2 hours apart. until milking. The minimum grazing height is 5-10 cm.

Use: depending on the breed, for cattle, sheep, goats or deer feed. To be used in animal feed to prevent (get rid of) intestinal worms. Also for human food (salads, baking, etc.), root varieties – mostly for making coffee substitute, but young roots can be boiled, stewed, fried.

Cultivation features: the soil is more calcareous than acidic (pH 5.5-7.0) and preferably less phosphorous (as phosphorous promotes flowering). Sowing time is in spring – when the soil in the seed bed warms up to at least 12 degrees. We can sow in autumn, but no later than the beginning of August, so that the plants have time to grow a root of sufficient thickness for the winter.