CBN E-Liquid 10%


Price is in €/kg, excluding VAT. Price depends on quantity. 
Minimum quantity 1 kg
COA available


  • Content:  >10% CBN
  • Short name: CBN
  • Full name : E-Liquid cannabinol
  • Type: E-Liquid
  • Appearance: liquid
  • Colour: yellowish white
  • Certification: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22716:2017


E-Liquid infused with CBD is mostly being used to produce vapes. Our E-liquid is made from healthy ingredients including terpenes (by client request), CBD and CBN – with no added additional oils. The consistency: PG/VG, 50:50 (we recommend PG/VG 3:1). A wide range of flavours available. CBD vapes are known to ease anxiety and stress, there are also many consumers who find that vaping CBD has pain relief benefits too. In addition to CBD, we have produced other cannabinoids-infused E-liquids, like E-liquid with CBN. The vaporizing cannabinoids ensures a bioavailability of approx. 50% – 60%. Which means that it is easily absorbable by the body and effects last longer. Quality assurance is the key to ensuring that each batch meets the same high quality standards.

Additional information

Shelf life

12 – 18 months

Storage conditions

15–25 °C (59–77 °F), store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight