Bristle oat (Black oat)


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Each bag of certified seeds is marked with a personal label. Packed in 25 kg bags.


  • The name of the plant: Bristle oat (Black oat)
  • Latin name: Avena strigosa
  • Variety name: IAPAR 61 / LUXURIAL / PRATEX
  • Sowing rate: 50-120 kg/ha
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Bristle oat (Black oat) – resistant to droughts, the roots of these plants have allelopathic properties – so they not only suppress weeds, but also release substances that inhibit the development of weeds. Scientific studies have shown that the secretions of the roots of these oats inhibit some types of nematodes, so it is a good pre-seed for vegetables.

Use: for animal feed and as a soil improver, i.e. for green manure. It can also be grown for seeds, but they are smaller than other oats.

Cultivation features: undemanding to soils. When growing for green manure or as a cover crop, it is recommended not to let these oats mature to prevent overgrowth and their spread in crops.