Auto Power


Price is in €/seed, excluding VAT. Price depends on quantity. 
Packing: 1000 seeds; 2000 seeds; 5000 seeds. Minimum quantity one package.
Blue label. Each package of certified hemp seeds is marked with a personal label, which is also as a certificate (CE or ISTA).


  • Type: feminized
  • Feminisation rate: >99.6 %
  • Germination rate: 90+ %
  • Vegetation cycle: 75
  • Height: 1-2 m
  • CBD: 4-9,5 %
  • THC: <0,2 %
  • Sowing density: 3500 – 7000 plants / ha
  • Harwest period:
  • Yield in flowers (dry)
  • Yield in biomass (dry biomass):


Auto Power is a CBD feminized hemp strain. The main advantage is the precise and short vegetation period. Auto Power is an automatic flowering variety, regardless of environmental conditions, flowering is “programmed” in genetics. It is an excellent choice for colder climates where the growing season is not long. Therefore, harvesting and drying this variety will be much less of a challenge. The plants are up to 1.5 m tall, and can be planted more densely than other feminized varieties.