10 % Broad spectrum CBD oil


Price is in €/kg, excluding VAT. Price depends on quantity. 
Minimum quantity 1 kg
COA available


  • Content: >10% CBD + other cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Short name: CBD
  • Full name : cannabidiol
  • Type: broad spectrum
  • Appearance: liquid
  • Colour: yellow
  • Custom formulated available: coconut oil, walnut oil, MCT oil, etc.


The main characteristics of broad spectrum CBD oil is that it doesn’t contain any THC. Broad spectrum CBD oil is also bursting with human body enriching materials, such as fatty acids and terpenes that are known to have calming effect and provide pain relief and lift the mood. During the extraction & purification process for this premium ingredients, we use proprietary technology that preserves terpenes and plant lipids while eliminating unwanted THC, chlorophyll and waxes.


01 Certified seed supply – it all starts with a seed – only certified hemp seeds listed in the EU varieties are placed on the market.
02 Sowing – only certified hemp seeds are used for sowing.
03 Growing – no pesticides or herbicides are used in the growing process.
04 Harvesting – after the crop production authority confirms that the level of THC in the hemp does not exceed 0.2%, the hemp is harvested.
05 Raw material preparation – after harvesting the hemp flowers and leaves, they are immediately dried to avoid decay. Then, the raw materials are cleaned of debris and the seeds are removed.
06 Storage – the raw materials are stored in sealed bags.
07 Processing – accredited laboratories process the high-quality raw materials.

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