Seeds for sowing

Certified seeds for planting. Each bag of certified seeds is marked with a personal label, which is also as a certificate (CE or ISTA). Together with seeds you get batch certificate, where you can find the germination percentage and other information. The company Northeast Heritage Limited is registered as certified seeds distributor. We can ship it all around the world (e.g DHL, TNT, by ship)!

For the 2024 sowing we offer our customers the following turfgrasses, forage grasses, cover crops certified seed:

Keep mouse cursor on the name of the plant and click for more information (description, varieties names, sowing rate).

Herbage certified seed:

Turfgrass certified seed

Organic certified seeds 2024:

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Package size – 25kg bags

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Certified –
individually labeled

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We assist
in transportation

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We provide
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