• Tipas: vienanamė
  • Vegetacijos periodas:  125 dienos
  • Aukštis: 1.5-2 m
  • CBD: 0.5 %
  • THC: <0.2 %
  • Sėklų derlius: 500-1200 ha/kg
  • Pluošto ir spalių derlius: 6-8 T/ha
  • Pluošto kiekis: 25-30 %
  • Sėklų dydis: vidutinės-didelės
  • Aliejaus kiekis **: 24-28 %


Zenit is an industrial strain, developed in Romania, to produce high-quality hemp seeds which can then be used for hemp seed oil production. Due to its low levels of THC, CBD and CBG, this variety isn’t recommended for extracts’ production.
It’s easy to grow but you must make sure to give the right kind of food, for it to produce plenty of seeds. It grows best in dry climates, so much more prefers midlands rather than coastline locations. Its vegetation period is only 4 months which is slightly shorter than other strains’. It makes Zenit a popular choice in the production industry.

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