USO 31


  • Tipas: vienanamė
  • Vegetacijos periodas: 130 dienų
  • Aukštis: 2-2.5m
  • CBD:  0-0.5 %
  • THC: <0.1 %
  • Žiedynų derlius*: 300-800 ha/kg
  • Sėklų derlius: 500-1000 ha/kg
  • Pluošto ir spalių derlius: 6-9 T/ha
  • Pluošto kiekis: 37 %
  • Sėklų dydis: didelės
  • Aliejaus kiekis**: 18-21 %


The Uso 31 seed is developed in Ukraine and is one of the very few solutions to oversee a harvest in optimal weather conditions. It belongs to the list of EU certified varieties and because of its adaptability, it is widespread in many European countries.

Uso 31 strain produces crops with high-fibre content which makes the strain suitable for the production of seeds, fibres and biomass. Its distinctive quality is particularly large produced seeds that are perfect for the shelling of the seed kernel. Because of the size of the seeds, first press oil percentage is relatively low – 21%