Sudan grass

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  • The name of the plant: Sudan grass
  • Latin name: Sorghum sudanense
  • Variety name: PIPER
  • Sowing rate:  kg/ha
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Sudan grass – is a shaped annual plant similar (somewhat to corn). Depending on the climate and weather conditions during the growing season (it is a warm-loving plant) it grows from 0.5 to 3.5 m in height. The first harvest can be mowed 30-40 days after sowing, after which sorghum tends to recover. The stubble must be no shorter than 15 cm from the soil surface, otherwise it is more difficult to sprout. Sensitive to frost. Can be sown in mixtures with annual legumes.

Use: fodder plant, can be used to make hay, silage, green fodder.

Cultivation features: grows in various soils, but seed germination requires moisture and a high (about 16-20 degrees) soil temperature.