Orion 33


  • Tipas: vienanamė
  • Vegetacijos periodas: 130-150 dienų
  • Aukštis: 2-3.5m
  • CBD:
  • THC: <0.2 %
  • Sėklų derlius: 400-800 ha/kg
  • Pluošto ir spalių derlius: 8-10 T/ha
  • Pluošto kiekis: 30-35 %
  • Sėklų dydis: vidutinės-didelės
  • Aliejaus kiekis**: 18-21 %


Orion 33 has been developed in France and is seed production-orientated industrial varieties. This strain flourishes in a continental climate and is mostly grown in Central and Northern Europe.

One of the main plant’s benefits is that it is broomrape-tolerant. It can be used for numerous applications. It’s multi-value is recognized by food, cosmetics, construction and fibre markets.