Hemp hulled seeds

These seeds are free of preservatives, GMO’s, food additives and gluten. It’s an
exceptionally nutritious and healthy product: 100g of hemp hulled seeds contain more than
a half of the daily recommended intake of protein. Hemp hulled seeds supress appetite,
reduce sugar cravings and help build muscle mass, which makes them perfect for athletes or
those on diets.

Can be used in:
• salads;
• smoothies;
• baking;
• soups;
• other methods of cooking.

Available in: organic / conventional
Packing: 25 kg bags.


01 Certified seed supply – it all starts with a seed – only certified hemp seeds listed in the EU varieties are placed on the market.
02 Sowing – only certified hemp seeds are used for sowing.
03 Growing – no pesticides or herbicides are used in the growing process.
04 Harvesting – after the crop production authority confirms that the level of THC in the hemp does not exceed 0.2%, hemp seeds can be harvested.
05 Drying– after harvesting hemp seeds, the most important is immediately dried to maintain optimal quality. Then, hemp seeds are dry must be cleaned all poor quality seeds and other impurities.
06 Storage – dried hemp seeds are stored in sealed bags.
07 Dehulling –

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