Seeds for 2017 sowing

In EU it is allowable to grow only included in EU list certified hemp seeds for planting. Each bag of certified hemp seeds is marked with personal label, which is also as a certificate (CE or ISTA). Together with seeds you get batch certificate, where you can find the germination percentage and other information. The company Northeast Heritage Limited is registered as certified seeds distributor. For 2017 season we can offer the following varieties of certified hemp seeds for cultivating:

  • Felina 32 (FR)
  • Futura 75 (FR)
  • Fedora 17 (FR)
  • Santica 27 (FR) (Reserved)
  • Uso 31 (FR)
  • Secuieni Jubileu (RO)

Please fill out the request form below, if you want to order hemp seeds or if you don’t know which variety to choose.